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Wandering what do I write about apart from travelling? Welcome to the oldest posts of this blog. CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENCE ...

Wandering what do I write about apart from travelling? Welcome to the oldest posts of this blog.


This blog was originally created in 2005, when I was still eleven: horrible writing and confused mind (to be honest, even I wonder what was the meaning of some sentences). But, I mean... Can you imagine what kind of stuff an eleven years old would be writing about? Yep, very long and dramatic teenage topics such as unrequited love, discovering my identity, family problems, more unrequited love, troublesome relationships and all sort of complications that a teenager go through.
I went through all kind of phases, like everyone else. At some point, in Middle School, I thought that being an Emo was quite cool, and I would be listening to punk rock and dreaming with the day that my parents would allow me to cut my hair in a very emo style. I would be using heavy black makeup around the eyes and wearing black, white and grey 7 days a week.
Nowadays, looking in the mirror to this sporty, colorful, bubbly person, I ask myself what the hell was I thinking about back then.


I was born and raised in Portugal, but spent 6 months living in Poland while at university (Erasmus), where I traveled across different places in Europe and discovered my passion for travelling, which then few years later, would lead me to leave Portugal searching for a better life in London.


I would describe myself as a human lover: I love meeting and spending time with others, and I tend to believe that people I recently met can be amazing and potential best-friends for life. I admire, and get fascinated with them, regardless of the time we have known each other for. This is a big trap, as I truly admire those I barely know, and sometimes, I really wish I could take them with me everywhere I go, until I finally know them, and get extremely disappointed.
I quickly get emotionally involved with people I connect with in the first sight, which then lead me to easily fall in love - big problem.
So as you can guess, love was a frequent topic at that time (and sometimes, it still is).
I still laugh about my depressing love posts, but they are part of my journey until now, and so, I decided to keep them.
But life kept going, and the issues changed...
I love chatting with others, and since I grew up with a boy (my cousin) and mostly spent time with my father in my childhood, I tend to get really close to guys comparing to girls, which then leads to confusion as people think I am "flirting" with them, when I am actually looking for one more brother. I still want to believe that is possible for 2 people, from different genders to truly love each other as friends without having any other intentions. (I know people, you can criticize me for my naivety).
As I grew up, acquaintances became great friends, and I started to distinguish those who were only there for the good times, and those who were, and still are for good and bad.
And so, you will find many posts about time I spend with my closest friends, related to our happy moments, and struggles. As well as my looooong relationship with my current partner.


And as some of you know, I am a Christian, and my spiritual path was never, ever, perfect. There were many ups and downs, many struggles and many victories. You will find posts about my spiritual journey, as well as the happy Pathfinder times: camping and meeting people who have the same beliefs as I do.


Nowadays I still write about my daily life issues. They are a bit different, as I try to run away from my past problems while I follow my path, but they will certainly always exist. And I keep opening up my heart, write long posts, and feeling better after that. And years later, I will laugh again as I look back and read what I wrote, admiring my naivety, mentality and feelings, as they keep changing as we grow.

Finally, an interesting fact about me is that I am a big fan of Japanese animation, and so, I have watched anime since I was 13 years old. You will also find some posts on this.

The older posts will be in Portuguese, so please use the translator to read in English.
There is quite a lot to read about, so go ahead and have fun!

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