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The blog I am generally a good planner, and I often do a decent research on places I am going to travel to. Impressed by the planning ...

The blog
I am generally a good planner, and I often do a decent research on places I am going to travel to. Impressed by the planning I do, people who I travelled with encouraged me to share my itineraries online.
As a result, I decided to transform my old personal blog, where I used to write stuff as a teenager (and stopped writing after I moved to Poland), to a travel blog.

At first, I just wanted to give tips on what to do and visit in locations I was going to, share my experiences after I travelled, and show you amazing pictures from amazing places.
Soon, I started to realise I did not want to be the typical travel blogger who travels to trendy places, stays at luxury resorts, and inspires you to live a life you might never be able to afford. I wanted to motivate people to travel the world, regardless of their income, gender, religion and ethnicity, giving everyone tools to see the world out there. I also wanted to show people that there is so much more to this world that Bali and Rome. There is so much more to a country than capitals and instagrammable cities. There is so much to discover yet.

But not just that. I wanted to teach those who dreamed with the possibility of earning a living online, while travelling the world, that it is possible, and it can be more than just a dream if you want to. So in order to teach others how to do that, I decided to go on that journey myself.

My mission
In a nutshell: I often stay at locals houses instead of fancy hotels. I travel to unknown/underrated destinations and explore off the beaten path locations in popular countries. I promote a budget friendly, responsible travel lifestyle, and encourage people to have a community mindset.

I. Promoting an affordable travel lifestyle. 
Let's face it: not everyone can afford to travel frequently, and generally people don't have enough days off a year to spend months away from their city.
Most people are not self-employed, do not earn much, and have plenty of responsibilities that limit their ability to travel. I want to promote a lifestyle people can actually achieve.
As a travel blogger, it's easier to earn lots of money promoting hotels and telling people they can do the same. But not everybody wants to earn a living off traveling because the reality of that job is not as glamorous as it seems on social media, and thats completely ok.

My mission is to provide you with enough tools and information so you can travel  regardless of what you do and who you are - with family and friends, as a solo traveller, or if you fancy company but don't have, to meet up with like-minded people who want to travel with you. I will leave you with no excuses.
I want to inspire you to travel even if you don't have much money. Travelling can be pricey yes, but there is so much you can do while on a budget!

II. Helping those who dream about the "dream job" to actually get it
As I said before, being a travel blogger, travel vlogger, travel photographer, or travel influencer is not for everybody. There are amazing benefits but there are also quite a few cons that will demotivate some to pursue this career, and that's ok - it's just not as glamorous as it seems.
But there are others who would love to do this for a living, but don't have the right tools and have no idea where to start.
As someone who has been there, I wanted to share my experience as I walk along this journey to become a full-time travel blogger and vlogger, and share what I learn along the way with others so they can hopefully achieve it even faster than what I did, and avoid the mistakes that I did.
Not only that, I want to show you the beautiful and the ugly of doing what I do, so when someone wants to start, they know what they are getting themselves into.

III. Inspiring  you to travel to underrated destinations
Mostly due to Instagram, the tourism has increased massively in some areas of our planet. This makes the whole experience less pleasant when you visit: it becomes crowded, noisy, packed and often dirty as (unfortunately) people leave rubbish on the floor. You have to deal with long queues, lack of availability and high prices because of high demand. And let's not forget the horrible fact that some places do not have the capacity for the amount of people they are receiving and, if not properly managed, they might cease to exist in a few years time. A good example of this is Maya Bay in Thailand, that was forced to close to tourism due to the amount of people who visited the beach daily, stepping on the corals, and destroying the ecosystem.
So how do we fix that? People travel to the same places as everyone else does because those are the places they know about. They heard about it, read about it, saw pictures. They know what to expect.
By exploring less popular areas, I will be able to bring you a different perspective on countries or cities you might never heard about, and provide you with all the useful information you need to travel there by yourself: most of the time a cheaper, quieter and more pleasant experience.

When travelling to more popular destinations, my goal will be to show you what else the area has to offer beyond the mainstream attractions.
I want to bring you a different perspective, and show you the true potential of each place in this world.

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