10 TOP Places to visit in Jordan

This list is available on mobile through an app called Peoople , where you can find each location on a map, and listen to the audi...

This list is available on mobile through an app called Peoople, where you can find each location on a map, and listen to the audios instead of reading the whole blog post - so you can have it on the go!

Jordan is a country like no other, with loads of history (meaning temples and ruins everywhere), religious locations, incredible landscapes such as desert, mountains, the red and dead sea, delicious food, friendly people and animals.

There's so many reasons to visit this country, that I could be bragging about it on just one blog post. So instead, I'm going to guide you around the TOP places to visit in Jordan, from the most popular to the least popular.

Top places to visit in Jordan

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Last updated: February 2021

If you're familiar with the way that I travel, you know that I love exploring less popular places on every country I visit, so don't take the locations mentioned on this post as the only ones you should include in your itinerary, as there are some that in my opinion, are extremely underrated and definitely deserve to be part of your trip. Read about them on my blog post about 16 Hidden gems in Jordan that you have to visit.

If you're one to watch videos instead of reading, you can watch my YouTube video below. Just bear in mind that I did not include Wadi Mujib on this video since it was closed when we visited.


I have included a map with all of these locations at the end of the post, so don't forget to scroll all the way down if you're interested :)

1) Petra

Visit Petra in Jordan
View towards the Treasury, one of the (if not the) most popular places in Petra.

Petra is one of the most visited places in Jordan, for obvious reasons. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a city carved by the Nabataeans directly onto the walls of a beautiful canyon and cliffs. Petra is now one of the 7 Wonders of the World (since 2007) but it was forgotten for centuries, until a Swiss explorer found it in 1812. 

Its a huge site, with loads to see, and loads to impress you. From the most popular temples (the Treasury and Monastery) to the stunning Siq canyon, a theatre, beautiful Tricliniums, loads of tombs, and more - not to mention the beautiful views all around!

They also do a quite popular night show on designated days, called Petra by Night, which is great to experience at least once in your life. Yes, it's pricey for that you get, but at least you get to sit in front of the Treasury at night, surrounded by candles, while you hear a simple melody. And there's something magic about it.

Even if you're not one to explore touristic places, Petra is definitely one that you don't want to miss.

2) Dead Sea

visit the Dead Sea in Jordan
Floating in the Dead Sea while holding a journal I took from the Airport - exactly for this photo! Eheheh

Dead Sea is a special place on our planet for different reasons, but mostly for being the lowest place on earth and for its high salt density, not allowing you to sink, which then, turns it into a perfect place for a "I am casually floating and reading a journal in the sea" picture ๐Ÿ™ˆ.

This is a bucket list experience specially because unfortunately, there is a chance that the Dead Sea might disappear one day.

If you have the time and budget, you can also enjoy a relaxing day (or more if you fancy) at one of the fanciest hotels and spas in the whole country.

3) Wadi Rum

Visit Wadi Rum in Jordan
Photo taken at Lawrence's Spring, Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is the most popular desert area in Jordan and you won't regret spending part of your trip here. From interesting rock formations, to canyons and viewpoints, you can choose from a variety of activities such as jeep tour, camel ride and even hot air balloon flight.

You will be able to visit the majority of attractions in one day with a Jeep Tour and sleeping in a Bedouin Camp is highly recommended. We stayed at Wadi Rum Quiet Village Camp because of their great score on Booking.com and I have to say, I am not disappointed with our choice!

Just bear in mind that temperatures in the desert drop considerably over night and during winter, Wadi Rum can be extremely windy and cold, so be prepared if you're visiting.

There is, however, a hidden gem in this very popular attraction, and if you're one to explore places no one else does, than find it on my post about hidden gems in Jordan.

4) Amman

Visit Amman in Jordan
The popular Temple of Hercules in Amman Citadel

Amman is the capital of Jordan and so, it's probably the busiest place in the whole country. Expect a lot of traffic (you can get stuck for over an hour during peak times), expensive accommodation and busy streets, but also beautiful architecture and stunning views from the Citadel and Roman Theatre.

Amman was my least favourite place in Jordan mostly because of being packed, quite stressful to drive around and extremely expensive, but also because I am a lover for nature and places that are less crowded, so I guess that makes sense.

5) Jerash

visit Jerash in Jordan
South Theatre in Jerash

On the other hand, Jerash was one of my favourite places in Jordan - and it's quite touristy, believe me! This place is also called the "Pompeii of the East" for being one of the most well preserved Greco‑Roman cities outside Italy. The site is pretty big and has different temples, theatres, gates, public baths, fountains, the main street Cardio Maximus and more. You can't miss this place!

And don't be fooled: even though this is only one location, you can spend quite a lot of time just roaming around the streets of what was once a busy and stunning city.

6) Aqaba

Red Sea Wreck in Jordan
Ship wreck in the Read Sea

Aqaba is mostly popular for the Read Sea, and it's diving opportunities: where you can find ship and tank wrecks, beautiful coral reefs and a diverse sea life such as turtles, rays and other fish.

If you're not into diving however, Aqaba has other attractions such as beautiful mosques, great resorts and palm tree beaches.

7) Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is another beautiful place to visit in Jordan, and it's the perfect location for the adventurous travellers. If you love outdoors, this will be the place for you, as you explore the canyon through a hike where you will get a bit wet, but the breathless views will make it worth it.

Unfortunately it's not accessible all year round and when we visited in February, access was closed.

8) Madaba

Visit Madaba in Jordan

Madaba is not as popular as other locations such as Jerash and Amman, specially because it has a lot less to see. Prices are much lower here, so it's a perfect place to find accommodation if you're on a budget.

The most popular attractions are it's prominent Mosque and the the Greek Orthodox Church where you can find the famous Mosaic Map.

9) Mount Nebo

visit Mount Nebo in Jordan
View that Moses had towards the Promised Land, from the memorial site

Mount Nebo is one of the most popular religious sites in Jordan.

This is told to be the place where Moses from the Bible saw the Promised Land and died without entering on it. On the site you will have a stunning view towards what was the Promised Land, as well as the Memorial Church of Moses where you can find some beautiful mosaics that have been well preserved over the years.

10) The Baptism Site of Jesus Christ

baptism site of jesus christ, jordan
Here was the exact side where Jesus Christ was baptised

And to finish the list, we have another religious attraction, that will be a point of interest for anyone interested in biblical history, specially Christians. As the name indicates, here was the place where Jesus Christ was baptised by John the Baptist. 

The site is fairly big, and they are now building different churches in the area but unfortunately, you cannot get near most of them and you won't be entering any.

And this was the end of our list about the TOP 10 Places to visit in Jordan! Once more, make sure you check my blog post on hidden gems that are worth visiting in Jordan so that you can include all of these spots on your itinerary.

If you use your Instagram regularly, you might want to check out the guide that I created with all of these spots, so you can access the map and this information on the go!

Top places to visit in Jordan Instagram guide

As mentioned, you can find below the map with all of these locations to help on your planning:

Tips to use the map above
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