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Hi there and welcome to Daniela Azzip Trips!

I am glad you've found my blog and I truly hope you enjoy what you see :)
Whether you're just a reader who has got a question, another fellow entrepreneur or a brand, here is where you can reach out. Below you can find some FAQ, so please have a read before you fill out the contact form. I will not be responding to spammy e-mails, so don't bother wasting our time if that's the case.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a Blogger, can I write you a blog post?

    If you are a fellow blogger who would like to write for this blog in order to get more exposure and drive some traffic to your blog, please leave a message on the form below!
    But before you do, please keep the following in mind:

    • •  I will only accept guest posts from other Travel Bloggers;
    • •  A guest post cannot be a copy paste of one of your blog posts, nor a post centred around you and your brand. This should be an exclusive post with exclusive information about a certain destination and where you may, at some point, mention your blog;
    • •  Before you submit your post, please make sure to check what articles are already published on this blog, so that you don't repeat a topic that has been already included in here;
    • •  On this blog I do my best to give out all the information necessary for each location. If you want to write for me, make sure your post will do the same - people are looking for a place that can serve them all the information, so that they don't need to spend hours searching on different websites ๐Ÿ˜‰;
    • •  And finally, I am glad you're collaborating with other creators! We all need better connections and beautiful souls in this place we call Internet ♥
  • How can you help me?

    If you're a fellow creator/entrepreneur who is struggling to find growth or ways to make money and would like to get a 1-1 call with me, let me know in the form below! On my social media channels (Instagram and Youtube) as well as on my Patreon I talk a lot about growth on social media and brand marketing, so if you want free information, make sure you check those out too!

  • I am a travel related brand. Can you write about me?

    If you're a tourism board, hotel, airline, restaurant or travel/social media related product, who is looking to get more exposure among travellers and entrepreneurs, you came to the right place. I have a wide variety of active social media accounts (InstagramYoutubeTiktokPinterest), as well as a mailing list where I will be able to showcase your products/brand, if they are the right fit for my audience.

    Here are few of the different ways ways you can work with me:

    • •  Invitations and press trips;
    • •  Sponsored blog post, YouTube video or social media feed post / story;
    • •  Social media giveaways and campaigns;
    • •  Instagram take over.

    At the end of this page you will find a form that you can fill with your information, as well as the analytics/numbers if you're interested.

  • Can we collaborate?

    Sure! I love doing collaborations as I think the world needs more collaborations and less competitivity! Not only that, I absolutely love exploring what other creators are doing and when I like their work, show it to my audience too :)

Have you got any other question? Leave it below! I will do my best to respond as soon as possible :)


Transparency is important to me, my viewers and brands I work with, so below you can find my analytics and more about me and my audience (because I know how precious your time and mine is! ๐Ÿ˜‰)

My brand is growing constantly and so are my monthly views on the blog and social media reach, so I will update these values every now and then.

Last updated: 07/03/2021

  • About me

    • •  I work as a Personal Trainer and on the side, I travel and write/produce videos about it;
    • •  I love having a well prepared trip and knowing all of the best spots and tips! For this reason, my blog posts are long and complete, giving all the necessary information, so readers don't have to wander elsewhere;
    • •  I am kind of a gear nerd and I absolutely love travelling, photography and videography. You will find me full of different lenses and memory cards, a GoPro and a drone to get those aerial views whenever its possible!!
  • About the blog

    • •  This blog was originally founded in March 2005 as a personal blog (accumulating 300 blog posts over the years), and changed officially to a travel blog in November 2019. As I continue writing more and more valuable information, it continues growing in views over the years;
    • •  I focus most of my writing around hidden gems and less explored destinations, as well as tips to work as an entrepreneur and get paid to travel;
    • •  On this blog you will find things as they truly are! If I visited a place I didn't have a good experience with, I will be honest and mention it, as I want my readers to have a good experience based on what I write, and not send them on a journey that will wrack their precious holidays!
  • About my audience

    • •  I talk about traveling to less explored destinations and growing a business as an entrepreneur so my main audience are people who love to travel part-time and are often considering taking travelling full-time.
  • Why working with me

    • •  My audience is more niched down and specific than most general travel blogs. If you're looking to target travellers who prefer less explored destinations or travel entrepreneurs, you will find both audiences on my blog as well as social media accounts;
    • •  Having so many accounts allows me to provide a wider reach for your brand too: from blog, to YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, mailing list... And be aware that while content on Instagram rapidly gets "forgotten" within 1/2 days, blog posts and YouTube videos acquire views over the years, so they will continue to generate exposure for your brand for years to come;
    • •  I love photography and videography, and am always carrying around equipment to allow me to capture what I want as best as possible. I am able not only to write good content about what you offer, but also take stunning photos and incredible videos to back up the experience. Many bloggers are focused on written content rather than photography, while I have been consistently taking photos since 2006. Furthermore, by having equipment such as a drone, I am able to capture places from a completely different perspective most people can't;
    • •  I am still a small blogger and travel influencer, so my rates will be a lot lower and possibly more manageable for your budget.
  • My stats

    Time for some analytics for those who love numbers and different metrics!

    Monthly average users: 185
    Monthly average page views: 373
    Countries reached: 65
    Top countries reached: USA, UK, Portugal

    Instagram: 7.5K followers | 7.36% engagement rate
    Facebook: 471 followers
    Youtube: 372 subscribers | 41.4K+ lifetime views | 6.8K+ monthly views
    Pinterest: 6-10K monthly viewers:

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