Photowall Canvas Print Review

I have always loved a nicely decorated room. Matching colours, modern but cosy style, plants, wallpapers, canvas prints. All of those s...

I have always loved a nicely decorated room. Matching colours, modern but cosy style, plants, wallpapers, canvas prints. All of those small details make a huge difference.

As someone who works from home, I need to guarantee that the space I work at feels comfortable, familiar and beautifully designed. I love coming back home after a long trip, and it's super important to enjoy where I work, specially when it takes hours to edit a video or write a blog post.

I had a wall in my house that needed some life, and the best way to make it lively would be to decorate it with some wallpaper or canvas print. Luckily, Photowall approached me about reviewing their products, and I got extremely excited about the possibility of decorating this lifeless wall.

To start, I have to stay it was pretty difficult to decide which product to choose. They have a wide variety of wallpapers, prints and posters, and you can even upload your own image if you want a customized wallpaper, print or poster. Not only that, there are different sizes to choose from, so you have full control on what you're ordering, guaranteeing that it will fit in the desired place.

Since we currently live in a rented house, and we are not sure until when we will stay here, we decided to go for a canvas print, even though I love the idea of having wallpapers on my walls. Because I wanted something that would fill most of the wall, I was happy to discover that I could order a quite large canvas print.

The choice, however, was so difficult, because there were SO MANY images I would love to have on my wall. I had a particular colour in mind in order to match with the rest of the room, and I was happy to see that on the search bar, you can also type the colour you want to search for, and images in that colour will pop up. You can also search by category, style, etc. After adding the ones I liked the most on my favourites (yes, there is a favourite section too!), I was able to share them with my partner so we could get to a final conclusion: the Misty Woods!

My favourites page with all of my favourite images in brown, green and blue tale

After ordering the Canvas Print, the delivery was super quick. 

The package came with clear instructions on how to set it up, and we managed to put everything together. Photowall also has a simple and quick video explaining how you can set up a Canvas Print, so if you are more of a visual person, who prefers to watch instead of reading instructions, then you can also check the following video for instructions:

It was the very first time I put up a canvas print together, so it was quite exciting to see the final result! I have always enjoyed DYI projects, but not always they go well, ehehehe This one at least, went very smoothly!

The image is just as showed in the website, and the quality is very good, so I highly recommend it!

Did you like the result?

The "Misty Woods" Canvas Print that we decided to order, to decorate our previously "lifeless" wall

If you want to bring some life to your house too, Photowall is now offering a discount to all of my readers! Simply apply "danielaazziptrips25" at checkout! Valid until November 25, 2020.

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