Where to find the cherry blossoms and magnolias in London (a complete guide)

This list is available on mobile through an app called Peoople , where you can find each location on a map, and listen to the audios instead...

This list is available on mobile through an app called Peoople, where you can find each location on a map, and listen to the audios instead of reading the whole blog post - so you can have it on the go!

If you have started seeing some blossoms around London and you're excited to see them all around, it can be overwhelming with so many locations across the city - after all, no matter where you go, you will probably bump into one. 

But, we all have seen those popular locations on Instagram, and most of us would rather go to a specific location than spending hours roaming around the city in order to find them. And that's why I did this blog post (and spent hours roaming around the city), so you don't have to.

If it's still early in the year, you might want to check my blog post and/or vlog on the early blossoms in London. However, if you're preparing for the blossom season, get ready for the endless list that you will find on this post.

As mentioned before, London has looooads of beautiful tree blossoms and it would be nearly impossible to have all of them in one post (except, I tried to do just that), so I am sure I am going to miss some - or even loads. But since there are so many, I will try my best to keep this post short (as short as I can at least).

Disclaimers: images presented with a (*) are stock photos, edited with my own Lightroom Presets. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I will get a commission if you make a purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you. This allows me to receive a compensation for the time and effort invested in creating the best content for you. Thank you for your support!

Last updated: April 2021

A beautiful view of very pale pink cherry blossoms at Battersea Park during sunset
A beautiful view of very pale pink cherry blossoms at Battersea Park during sunset

To make your planning easier, I will break these down into popularity/relevance, location, time of blossom, type of tree and type of location (parks vs houses). At the end of the post, you will find a description of each location and more photos on them, as well as locations I did not covered on this post but might be worth checking if you're around.

Blossoms by popularity / relevance
Blossoms by location
Locations by time of blossom
Blossoms by type of tree
Blossoms by type of location
Detailed description on each location
The locations I missed

I. Blossoms by popularity / relevance

Some people do not care about what type of tree it is, nor where is it located in London: all they care about is to visit the places that everyone goes to, or discover the ones that barely anyone knows about. If this sounds like you, then this section will be for you.

We will start by the most popular spots and then go down to the least popular ones.

The most popular spots

The beautiful Stanley Crescent, one of the most photographed places during Spring
The beautiful Stanley Crescent, one of the most photographed places during Spring

Year after year, there are some places that make to almost every London Instagrammer's feed - and those would be the most popular spots. These are generally crowded in peak times, you might have to wait in a queue to shoot, and even though your experience in those locations might not be the best thanks to it, you will still love these spots for it's extreme beauty - and you will possibly consider visiting early in the morning for some great photographs.

These spots will be:

  • Greenwich Park (late bloomer)
  • Ravenscourt Park
  • Battersea Park
  • Stanley Crescent
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Regent's Park (late bloomer)
  • Kew Gardens
  • St. James's Park
  • 30 Bramerton St
  • 39 Argyll Rd
  • 8 The Boltons
  • The Little Boltons (5, 26)
  • 24 Portobello Road (early bloomer)
  • 62 Portland Road (early bloomer)
  • 11 Thurloe St (early bloomer)
  • 20 Earls Court Gardens
  • Neville Terrace (1, 12, 19)

The least popular spots

Blossom tree in 22 Gloucester Walk, London
This tree in 22 Gloucester Walk looks amazing in blossom, yet it's still quite unknown.

Let's not confuse popularity with beauty. It is true that most popular locations have an undeniable beauty, but it is also true that some of these less popular locations deserve a place on this list for a reason - so if you do get the chance, try exploring at least some of these too.

And since they are less popular, I mostly found them by chance, or someone else told me about them - and I am sure there are way more like these, so this is a list of the ones that I am aware about:

  • Swiss Cottage Open Space
  • Alexandra Palace
  • Kensington Gardens (late bloomer)
  • 34 Northumberland Pl
  • 22 Gloucester Walk
  • 41 Hornton St
  • 6 Albert Pl
  • Elgin Crescent
  • 19 Farm Place (early bloomer)
  • 45 Argyll Rd (early bloomer)
  • Blithfield St (late bloomer)
  • Redcliffe Road (late bloomer)
  • Sunderland Terrace
  • 23 Portland Road
  • 10 Alma Terrace
  • 57 Harcourt Terrace
  • 19 Carlyle Square
  • 8-9 Glebe Place
  • 10 Allen St
  • 95 Clarendon Road
  • Phillimore Gardens (28, 39)
  • Courtnell Street (early bloomer)
  • 107 Hereford Rd
  • 28 Leamington Rd Villas

II. Blossoms by location

You might not care about the popularity of the spot, and simply want to go on a walk and see as many as possible on a specific location. If that's the case, this section will be for you. I have added below a map with all of the locations on a map to make it easier to visualize them:

Tips to use the map above
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  • To view more detailed information on any point of interest, click on it's icon over the map.
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Notting Hill and Bayswater

23 Portland Road in bloom, Notting Hill, London
One of my favourite magnolias in Notting Hill is 23 Portland Road (not to be confused with 23 Portland Road in Mottingham)

Notting Hill is popular for it's colourful houses and colourful vintage cars, but you would be fooled to think that's all that is to it. Notting Hill is one of the most beautiful locations to go blossom hunting, and in a short walk, you will be able to spot plenty of them.

I will be starting with the locations in Bayswater, so if you plan on visiting Kensington after Notting Hill, these are ordered nicely:


  • Sunderland Terrace, W2
  • 107 Hereford Rd, W2 5JG 
Notting Hill 
  • 34 Northumberland Pl, W2 5AS
  • Courtnell Street (early bloomer), W11 
  • 28 Leamington Rd Villas, W11 1HT
  • Elgin Crescent, W11 
  • 95 Clarendon Road, W11 
  • 62 Portland Road (early bloomer), W11 4LQ
  • 23 Portland Road, W11 4LH 
  • 2 Stanley Cres, W11 2NB
  • 24 Portobello Road (early bloomer), W11 3DH


39 Argyll Rd magnolia in bloom, Notting Hill, London
One of my favourites in Kensington has to be the impressive magnolia in 39 Argyll Rd, which I hope you get to see without constructions on side :p

Kensington is another area that has loads of different locations to spot beautiful blossoms. Since there are way too many, I will break it down into Kensington and South Kensington + Chelsea. So lets start with Kensington:

  • Kensington Gardens (late bloomer), W2 2UH
  • 19 Farm Place (early bloomer), W8 7SX
  • 22 Gloucester Walk, W8 4HX
  • 45 Argyll Rd (early bloomer), W8 7DA
  • 39 Argyll Rd, W8 7DA
  • 39 and 28 Phillimore Gardens, W8
  • 6 Albert Pl, W8 5PD
  • 10 Allen St, W8 6JQ
  • 10 Alma Terrace, W8 6QY
  • Blithfield St (late bloomer), W8

South Kensington and Chelsea

19 Neville Terrace in Bloom, South Kensington, London
One of the most photographed doors during Spring is probably this one in South Kensington: 19 Neville Terrace

Walking south, you will get to one of the most popular areas in London to explore the blossoms, specially magnolias - but don't you worry, there will be a section for magnolias only locations. So if you're in the area, these are the spots you can see:

  • 11 Thurloe St (early bloomer), SW7 2SS
  • 20 Earls Court Gardens, SW5 0SZ
  • 8 The Boltons, SW10 9TB
  • The Little Boltons (26, 5), SW10
  • 57 Harcourt Terrace, SW10 9JP
  • Redcliffe Road (late bloomer), SW10
  • Neville Terrace (1, 12, 19), SW7
  • 19 Carlyle Square, SW3 6EY
  • 8-9 Glebe Place
  • 30 Bramerton St, SW3 5LA
  • Battersea Park, SW11 4NJ


One of my favourite locations to see the blossoms is in Northwest London, in Swiss Cottage Open Space.

These spots are not surrounded by others in particular, and so, you will be traveling specifically to visit them. Some of them are incredibly beautiful, so I do think it's worth the visit.

Central London

  • St. James's Park, SW1A 2BJ

West London

  • Kew Gardens, TW9
  • Ravenscourt Park, W6 0UA

North London

  • Alexandra Palace, N22 7AY
  • Swiss Cottage open space, NW3 3NR
  • Regent's Park (late bloomer), NW1 4NR

East London

  • St Paul's Cathedral, EC4M 8AD
  • Greenwich Park, SE10 8QY

III. Locations by time of blossom

This section is probably one of the most important on this blog post: even if you go out for a walk to see all of the locations on a specific area, there is a change that some are still not in bloom, while others will be: you just have to accept that each tree will blossom at a different time, and its good to be aware of that in advance, to avoid disappointment when visiting a location - you don't want to go there and see naked trees.

I have created a separate blog post on all of the early blossoms in London, and will eventually cover all of the late locations on another one, but most of the locations mentioned on this post are mid-blossom season, unless stated otherwise.

Something you have to be aware of is the fact that the weather is different every year, and the trees might blossom at different times every year thanks to it: if it's too cold, they will blossom later, if it's warm, earlier. If there's a lot of rain, the blossoms will fall and you will need to be quick to see them before the rain destroys them, while if it's sunny for a while, they will last a little bit longer (potentially 2 weeks). There is no way to predict exactly when each tree will blossom - but we can have a rough idea - and that's what we will do on this section.

And if you missed the cherry blossoms and magnolias of the year, you might still be on time for wisterias, which I will be writing a blog post about in few weeks.

Early Blossoms

62 Portland Road in blossom, Notting Hill, London
Probably the most popular early blossom in London: 62 Portland Road, in Notting Hill

Early blossoms are the very first tree blossoms that you will see in the city - the ones that get you all hyped up for Spring, as you realise that Winter is almost over. These are generally in bloom from mid or late Feberuary, until early to mid March. That's the case of:

  • Courtnell St
  • 24 Portobello Road
  • 62 Portland Road
  • 19 Farm Place
  • 45 Argyll Rd
  • 11 Thurloe Street

Mid Blossom Season

St Paul's Cathedral Cherry Blossoms
The cherry blossoms at St. Paul's Cathedral are one of the most popular during mid blossom season

Happening generally from mid March to early-mid April, this is when most trees bloom in London, and it's often called the magnolia season or cherry blossom season - as those are the most popular (and potentially beautiful) blossoms around the city.

It can be actually quite overwhelming as there are so so many locations to visit, and you will have a short period of time to visit them.

  • Ravenscourt Park
  • Battersea Park
  • Stanley Crescent
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • St. James's Park
  • Kew Gardens
  • 30 Bramerton St
  • 39 Argyll Rd
  • 8 The Boltons
  • The Little Boltons (5, 26)
  • 20 Earls Court Gardens
  • Neville Terrace (1, 12, 19)
  • Swiss Cottage Open Space
  • Alexandra Palace
  • 34 Northumberland Pl
  • 22 Gloucester Walk
  • 41 Hornton St
  • 6 Albert Pl
  • Elgin Crescent
  • 10 Alma Terrace
  • 57 Harcourt Terrace
  • 19 Carlyle Square
  • 8-9 Glebe Place
  • 10 Allen St
  • 95 Clarendon Road
  • Phillimore Gardens (28, 39)
  • Sunderland Terrace
  • 107 Hereford Rd
  • 28 Leamington Rd Villas

Late Blossoms

One of the most popular cherry blossom location in London is actually a late blossom one: Greenwich Park. This is probably the latest blossom in the city, and it generally blooms in the end of April*

These blossoms usually start when the others have finished, generally mid to late April, and can last as late as May! Most of these are bright pink fluffy cherry blossoms. Just like the early blossoms, the list is a lot shorter than the mid blossom season:

  • Regent's Park
  • Greenwich Park
  • Kensington Gardens
  • Blithfield St 
  • Redcliffe Road

IV. Blossoms by type of tree

Ok, I am going to be honest on this one: I might create extensive itineraries and be a bit of a location nerd (potentially knowing almost every single Instagram worthy spot in London), but I, by not means, know everything. And trees, is something I have no clue about. AT ALL. 

So I am not going to pretend I know which trees are we talking about, because I don't. Instead, I am going to group them into different categories, and apologies if I get them wrong. If you do know about trees, I would be extremely happy to learn a little bit, so by all means, feel free to educate me in the comments below ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Cherry blossoms (and other blossoms)

Cherry blossoms at Ravenscourt Park, London
Cherry blossoms at Ravenscourt Park, one of the most popular locations for blossoms in London

These have always been one of the most popular tree blossoms across the globe, not just in Japan or London. Their beauty is undeniable and there's a reason why they are so popular among photography and nature enthusiasts.

So here is a list of Cherry blossoms that you can find around the city of London:

  • Greenwich Park (late bloomer)
  • Ravenscourt Park
  • Battersea Park
  • Stanley Crescent
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Regent's Park (late bloomer)
  • Kew Gardens
  • St. James's Park
  • Swiss Cottage Open Space
  • Alexandra Palace
  • Kensington Gardens (late bloomer)
  • Blithfield St (late bloomer)
  • Redcliffe Road (late bloomer)

I am well aware that there are trees with similarities with cherry blossoms, like plum, almond and peach trees which to some - that know a bit about trees and blossoms - might be absurd, but for someone who cannot distinguish one from the other, they look similar in the sense that their blossoms are pretty (I feel very basic right now ๐Ÿ˜‚).

Anyways, below is a list of locations that can be cherry blossoms, or can be something completely different (some look very different indeed), but fall into the category of "I have no idea what tree this is" and "these ones are pretty and worth a visit". I hope this helps ๐Ÿ™ˆ

  • 24 Portobello Road (early bloomer)
  • 62 Portland Road (early bloomer)
  • 11 Thurloe St (early bloomer)
  • 19 Farm Place (early bloomer)
  • 45 Argyll Rd (early bloomer)
  • Courtnell Street (early bloomer)
  • 8-9 Glebe Place
  • 39 Phillimore Gardens
  • 107 Hereford Rd
  • 28 Leamington Rd Villas

Magnolia blossoms

Magnolias in 12 Neville Terrace, London
Beautiful magnolia blossoms in 12 Neville Terrace.

Without a doubt, the second most popular tree blossom in London, and I am totally not surprised, after all, not only it's pink blossoms are a beautiful sight to the eyes, but they can also be quite majestic, and their interesting shaped trunks help to change the location completely.

And if you're a magnolia lover, fear not, there's plenty of them for you to visit:

  • 30 Bramerton St
  • 39 Argyll Rd
  • 8 The Boltons
  • 26 The Little Boltons
  • 23 Portland Road
  • 20 Earls Court Gardens
  • Neville Terrace (1, 12, 19)
  • 28 Phillimore Gardens
  • 41 Hornton St
  • 6 Albert Pl
  • Elgin Crescent
  • Sunderland Terrace
  • 10 Alma Terrace
  • 57 Harcourt Terrace
  • 19 Carlyle Square
  • 10 Allen St

The trees with the flat top

Pink blossoms in Northumberland Place, London
Pink blossoms in an interesting, flat top tree in 34 Northumberland Pl.

Now, as weird as that might sound, these were probably one of my favourite blossoms, and it's most likely because I have never seen this type of tree in my life before, and I somehow have a tendency to get excited over things I have never seen or heard of previously, and this tree, is absolutely beautiful.

Now, I would love to know what sort of tree it is but again, no one around me knew, so I will be calling them the trees with the flat top - I hope that's ok. And if you do know what tree this is, please elucidate me, as I might be thinking of getting one to my future house (meaning, I still have few more years to discover what the heck is this tree, as I can totally not afford a house right now, nor in the nearest future ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Anyways, here is where you can find them:
  • 34 Northumberland Pl
  • 22 Gloucester Walk

I also found other "flat top" trees, theses one with white blossoms and a lot more green, which I am going to include below:
  • 5 The Little Boltons
  • 95 Clarendon Road

V. Blossoms by type of location

If you have made this far, well done, I'm impressed. And also, we're almost there. This section is pretty obvious, as we will be separating the blossoms located in parks and open spaces, versus the blossoms that are located in front of residential buildings.

Blossoms in public parks

Regent's Parl in bloom
Regent's Park is one of the most beautiful parks in London, and it's gorgeous specially during Spring!*

These are likely to be busier as they're located in public parks, but on the other hand, they are also locations where generally you will see more than just one tree in bloom: it might be a pathway surrounded by blooming trees or even a variety of blossoms around the park, and you can totally stop to relax or have a picnic!

  • Greenwich Park (late bloomer)
  • Ravenscourt Park
  • Battersea Park
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Regent's Park (late bloomer)
  • Kew Gardens
  • St. James's Park
  • Swiss Cottage Open Space
  • Alexandra Palace
  • Kensington Gardens (late bloomer)

Blossoms in residential areas

8 The Boltons in Bloom, London
One of my favourite residential locations is certainly in The Boltons, on the house number 8

On the other hand, blossoms in residential areas are generally just a single tree, but the beauty of it's surroundings, specially the colour of the doors or even the building, makes it worth the visit. When visiting these, please remember that you're visiting a residential space, so please be respectful, quiet, and avoid long photoshoots! 

  • 39 Argyll Rd
  • 8 The Boltons
  • The Little Boltons (5, 26)
  • 24 Portobello Road (early bloomer)
  • 62 Portland Road (early bloomer)
  • 11 Thurloe St (early bloomer)
  • 20 Earls Court Gardens
  • Neville Terrace (1, 12, 19)
  • 34 Northumberland Pl
  • 22 Gloucester Walk
  • 41 Hornton St
  • 6 Albert Pl
  • Elgin Crescent
  • 19 Farm Place (early bloomer)
  • 45 Argyll Rd (early bloomer)
  • Blithfield St (late bloomer)
  • Redcliffe Road (late bloomer)
  • Sunderland Terrace
  • 23 Portland Road
  • 10 Alma Terrace
  • 57 Harcourt Terrace
  • 19 Carlyle Square
  • 8-9 Glebe Place
  • 10 Allen St
  • 95 Clarendon Road
  • Phillimore Gardens (28, 39)
  • Courtnell Street (early bloomer)
  • 107 Hereford Rd
  • 28 Leamington Rd Villas

VI. Detailed description on each location

Now let's get to the good stuff: plenty of photos on each location and some information that you will not want to miss if you plan on visiting! Remember that the photos you see here are edited photos, and so, they might not portrait the reality - in busy places for example, I have removed people or even cars using Photoshop. I will include my experience on each exact location so you don't get disappointed!

1) Greenwich Park

Greenwick Park during Spring
Cherry blossoms at Greenwick Park
Different perspectives of cherry blossoms in Greenwick Park*

Greenwich Park is certainly one of the most popular blossom locations in London, but it greatly differ from any other in the sense that they're late bloomers, possibly even the latest bloomers in London. Since it's a very popular place to shoot, you will find loads of photographers and other photography and social media enthusiasts, so your best bet is to visit as soon as they blossom, and visit early in the morning during the week.

2) Ravenscourt Park

Floating in Ravenscourt Park during Spring
Cherry blossoms in Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith

Ravenscourt Park is another park that is extremely popular for it's cherry blossoms, probably thanks to Instagram. Just like in Greenwich Park, your best chances to take a photo without being surrounded by other people are if you visit early, during a week day.

3) Battersea Park

cherry blossoms in battersea park, london
people at battersea park, london
standing in the cherry tree avenue at battersea park

Another very popular location, this one has gained more and more popularity over the years, and in my opinion, also thanks to Instagram. This beautiful location gets extremely busy, and because it's a long line of cherry blossoms (cherry tree avenue), it gets harder to not get people on the shot, so even more than the locations above, this one requires a lot of patience and good planning if you do not want to spend hours on Photoshop removing people.

4) Stanley Crescent

stanley crescent on instagram
beautiful stanley crescent during spring
cherry blossoms in stanley crescent

The most popular residential spot to see the cherry blossoms in London, Stanley Crescent is a beautiful sight to the eyes, and there's no denying it. If you've never been there, you will be mind blown by this location. However, because of it's beauty, Stanley Crescent has been attracting more and more people every year, and the residents have not been happy about it. The lady that lives in the house has complained about people seating on the walls and taking long photoshoots. When I visited the area, I did not know about this, but I did get in barefoot to jump on the wall, so I wouldn't get it dirty - also, was lucky to shoot during the day, when probably the lady wasn't there ๐Ÿ™ˆ So yes, please please be aware of that and try to be as respectful as possible.

5) St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral during Spring
Cherry blossoms in St. Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral is one of my favourite places in London, but I do have to say that seeing the blossoms here can be quite stressful. These are also extremely popular because of the iconic building in the back, and so, you will definitely see other people who will rush to the location to see the blossoms - meaning, you will have to wait, and potentially get annoyed if you want to shoot here.

6) Regent's Park

cherry blossoms in Rengent's Park
admiring the beautiful blossoms in Regent's Park during Spring
Regent's Park in bloom

Regent's Park is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful parks in the city, so it's just natural that you will end up visiting it, specially during Spring. There are different blossoms all around, and while some bloom in mid-season, the most impressive locations will bloom later! When you visit, I would highly recommend walking around the park instead of just focusing on a specific spot - you will be surprised by how many beautiful blossoms you will find!

7) Kew Gardens

cherry walk towards palm house in kew gardens
smelling flowers in kew gardens
tulips in kew gardens
The trees you see on the left picture are actually cherry blossoms (mentioned below), but unfortunately I never got the chance to see them in bloom

Kew Gardens have always been one of my favourite places in London, even though I do think they are extremely pricey. If you visit the gardens at the right time, you will be able to see the beautiful Cherry Walk towards the  Palm House in pink, thanks to its cherry blossoms. That being said, there's a lot more blossoms around the park, so you will love a visit to this location during Spring!

8) St. James's Park

24 Portobello Road blossom
blossoms in Portobello Road
Portobello Road, London, during spring
The beauty of St. Park James's Park shown on the first photos and a photo of the blooms on the right*

St. James's Park has always been a favourite among tourists, specially for it's views and animals: swans, ducks, geese, parakeets and my favourite - cute and friendly squirrels. That being said, despite it's popularity, St. James's Park is not (in my opinion) the best place to see tree blossoms as there are only a few, and with a less impressive background comparing to other locations mentioned on this list.

9) 30 Bramerton St

popular magnolia in bloom in london
30 Bramerton St magnolia blossom

This is one of the most popular residential locations, but certainly not as popular as Stanley Crescent, which makes it a lot easier to shoot at. It's located in a quiet neighbourhood and so, this is perfect for any fellow solo traveller who just wants to snap some photos with magnolias without having strangers staring at their tripod and solo poses.

10) Argyll Rd (39, 45)

39 Argyll Road magnolia in bloom
45 Argyll Road in bloom
where to find blossoms in london
Argyll Rd 39 magnolia on the left and Argyll Rd 45 early bloomer on the middle and right

Also a quite popular residential location, this one is located in a somewhat busy street, but with a magnificent magnolia on number 39 and a simple, yet beautiful early bloomer on number 45! There's generally a gentlemen washing cars on the opposite side of the road (at least during week days), which might be intimidating to some if shooting solo, but I have to say that he is very nice and might even get out of the way if he notices what you're doing! When I visited there was some construction on site, but I couldn't go back at another time, so decided to shoot anyway and do some Photoshop magic! Eheheh

11) 8 The Boltons

beautiful magnolia in bloom at the boltons
8 the boltons magnolia blossom

The Boltons have a special place in my heart because they always have some of the best Christmas displays in London and they also have incredible magnolia blossoms! The houses that have the Christmas displays are different to the ones with blossoms, but if you're hunting Instagrammable locations, you will eventually visit this street at some point!

12) The Little Boltons (5, 26)

the little boltons 5 in bloom
the little boltons 26 in bloom
magnolia tree in bloom at the little boltons
5 The Little Boltons on the left and the beautiful magnolia at 25 The Little Boltons (middle and right)

In my opinion, these blossoms aren't as impressive, but if you're in The Boltons, why not stopping by these two? The number 5 is a white blossom on a "flat top tree", while number 26 is a magnolia tree!

13) Portland Road (23, 62)

where to find blossoms in london
blossoms in Portland Road
Portland Road, London, during spring
62 Portland Road, an early bloomer (left and middle) and 23 Portland Road, a mid-season bloomer magnolia (right)

Portland Road has two different blossoms that stand out, but they blossom at very different times (potentially with 3-4 weeks difference!). The tree on number 62 is one of the most popular early bloomers. On the other hand, the magnolia on the house number 23 only blooms during mid-blossom season, and when I visited, this was literally one of the last magnolias to bloom (not quite sure why to be honest). 

14) 24 Portobello Road

24 Portobello Road blossom
blossoms in Portobello Road
Portobello Road, London, during spring

Another popular early bloomer, this tree stands out on social media for being right in front of a colourful row of houses. It is a somewhat busy street too, so taking solo photos here can get a bit awkward.

15) 11 Thurloe Street

11 thurloe street in bloom
thurloe street during spring

And yet another early bloomer, this one it's right next to South Kensington station, and because of it's location, it gets a lot of attention too, so chances are - you're going to wait in a queue while you admire photographers and influencers getting their photos with the beautiful background

16) 20 Earls Court Gardens

beautiful magnolia in bloom at 20 earls court gardens
20 earls court gardens during spring

This is a somewhat popular magnolia spot around London, and the tree is located in the front entrance of the property, so you will likely not get a photo of yourself next to the tree, but you will surely enjoy the view towards the blossoming magnolia and the blue door!

17) Neville Terrace (1, 12, 19)

1 neville terrace
12 neville terrace
19 neville terrace
From left to right: Neville Terrace 1, 12 and 19

Neville Terrace is a street full of magnolias. I initially visited the street as I was looking for the house number 19, and got quite surprised by the other two trees, on house number 1 and 12. They're quite different from one another and even though their doors are not as colourful as the number 19, I still liked them quite a lot!

18) Swiss Cottage Open Space

swiss cottage open space in bloom
swiss cottage cherry blossoms
cherry blossoms in northwest london

Swiss Cottage has a super underrated cherry blossom location, near Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, which has been one of my favourite over the years - as I used to cycle past almost every day on my way to work. You won't find many Instagrammers or photographers around, but you will certainly see families with their kids, as they run around the open space.

19) Alexandra Palace

cherry blossoms in Alexandra Palace
Alexandra Palace during spring
The beautiful cherry blossoms at Alexandra Palace*

Alexandra Palace (commonly known as Ally Pally or Aly Paly) is sometimes overlooked thanks to being away from everything else. Nevertheless, the views from there are pretty incredible, and with beautiful cherry blossoms around, what else could we ask for?

20) Kensington Gardens

kensington gardens during spring
kensington gardens cherry blossoms
A mid season blossom in Kensington gardens on the left* and the late bloomers on the right

Kensington Gardens are amazing for a walk and picnic, but be aware of the parakeets as they might be around! There are some mid season cherry blossoms randomly located around the park, but the most impressive, in my opinion, are the 4 fluffy type of cherry blossoms that only bloom later!

21) 34 Northumberland Pl

northumberland place during spring
northumberland place blossoms

I found this location totally by chance, but the "flat top" pink tree totally got my attention. The blossoms are beautiful and bright, the tree is quite different and the doors are super colourful, so there's a high chance you will fall in love with it too (or not, and that's ok too!).

22) 22 Gloucester Walk

22 Gloucester Walk during spring
22 Gloucester Walk blossoms

If you liked this previous location, then chances are, you're going to love this one too, as the tree is (possibly) the same type. Located in a house with a beautiful garden, the owners where at home when I was shooting and they didn't show any concerns about me being there - which I am grateful for. After all, their house is worth a photo, and that's a compliment! eheheh

23) 41 Hornton Street

This big magnolia is located on a street right next to Gloucester Walk. Unfortunately, I didn't get to snap a picture of it since there were works being done in the house (and possibly because I was in a rush and tired of seeing magnolias all day ๐Ÿคฆ‍♀️).

24) 6 Albert Place

6 Albert Place during spring
6 Albert Place magnolia blossoms

Another blossom I found by chance, this was actually one of my favourite magnolia locations, even though when I visited it wasn't in full bloom. The location is super quiet as very few people know about it (I personally never heard about it before), so shooting as a solo traveller will be a bliss.

25) Elgin Crescent

Elgin Crescent during spring
Elgin Crescent magnolia blossoms

Elgin Crescent was a location I totally missed this year, and ended up only seeing them when most of the petals were long gone. Nevertheless, the beauty of this colourful street is something you don't want to miss if you get the chance to walk around - even if you're too late for magnolias!

26) 19 Farm Place

19 Farm Place during spring

Another gorgeous early bloomer, this one is located in one of the most colourful streets in London, and unfortunately, I was also a bit too late for it's full bloom. Maybe next year!

27) Blithfield Street and Redcliffe Road

Blithfield Street cherry blossoms
Blithfield Street during Spring
Redcliffe Road cherry blossoms
The colourful houses in Blithfield Street (left and middle) and the gorgeous flats in Redcliffe Road (right)

I will put these two together because they bloom at the same time and they are both absolutely gorgeous (and not far from one another!). While Blithfield Street is certainly more colourful than Redcliffe Road, both are a sight for sore eyes when they bloom - quite late comparing to mid-season cherry blossoms though. 

28) Sunderland Terrace

Sunderland Terrace magnolia blossoms
Sunderland Terrace during spring with car

This street is embellished by a row of magnolia trees which somehow, bloom a bit later than most other magnolias (but I wouldn't consider it a late bloomer as the flowers are long gone when late bloomers start blooming - how many times did I just say "bloom"??). If you get the timing right (which I didn't), you will get the chance to see Sunderland Terrace in all of it's glory.

29) 10 Allen Street and 10 Alma Terrace

10 Allen Street magnolia blossoms
10 Alma Terrace magnolia blossoms
Magnolias at 10 Allen Street (left) and 10 Alma Terrace (right)

These two locations can be easily confused because even though they look very different, in theory, they are located in the same street - yet, have the same number - whaaaat?? If you Google "10 Allen Street", Google Maps will send you to the actual address, which is the magnolia tree in front of the orange and black doors. However, if you do a close up in the map, you will then realise that on the other end of the street, there's another house with the number 10, and unless you click on the house to double check the address (which then comes up as "10 Alma Terrace"), you will just assume that this house is also located in that street, since that's what it looks like. So if you're just writing "Allen Street" on the map, depending on where you will come from, you will probably just see one of these trees and assume that the one you've just seen was "10 Allen Street", and probably forget that there is another one, just few minutes away. Oh, and before I forget, the lady on the Alma Terrace house is extremely friendly and will most likely interrupt your photoshoot to invite you to get closer to the tree and take a better shot - yes, some Londoners can be actually that nice!

30) 57 Harcourt Terrace

57 Harcourt Terrace magnolia blossoms
57 Harcourt Terrace during Spring

Harcourt Terrace is a spot I wouldn't think as beautiful, if it wasn't for it's white row of houses and stunning columns. Looked from the right angle, this spot can become quite pretty and photogenic! 

31) 19 Carlyle Square

19 Carlyle Square magnolia blossoms
19 Carlyle Square during Spring

Carlyle Square is another place I only visited because of it's beautiful Christmas display, and I happened to pass by this Spring, coming across this absolutely stunning magnolia. Isn't it pretty?

32) 8-9 Glebe Place

9 Glebe Place blossoms
8 Glebe Placee during Spring

Are we still talking about Christmas displays? Because that's exactly why I visited Glebe Place to start with. This street is right next to the very popular pink cupcake shop Peggy Porschen Chelsea, so you can stop by their seasonal displays to snap some photos too. During mid blossom season, you will also find a beautiful tree in blossom between the houses 8 and 9.

33) 95 Clarendon Road

95 Clarendon Road blossoms

House number 95 Clarendon Road is, just like number 5 Little Boltons, a white blossom "flat top" tree, and this one is actually located near Elgin Crescent, so you will likely see both in bloom with the right timing. The blossoming tree stands right in front of a pink and blue pastel coloured house, which makes it perfect for snapping some photos!

34) Phillimore Gardens (28, 39)

28 Phillimore Gardens magnolia blossoms
39 Phillimore Gardens blossoms
28 Phillimore Gardens (left) and 39 Phillimore Gardens (right)

Phillimore Gardens is a street I ended up visiting way more times that I expected as I just couldn't get the timing right on the house number 28. Thanks to it, I ended up discovering the blossom on the house number 39 and eventually returned too late to see the beauty of the magnolia on house number 28.

35) Courtnell Street

Courtnell Street blossoms
Courtnell Street during Spring

Another location I bumped into by chance, this ordinary street was one of my favourite early signs of Spring, as while early bloomers are just generally a single tree on a specific location, this street blooms before any of the other popular pathways or streets with blossoms on each side, so it's a good sign of the beauty that it's coming our way!

36) 107 Hereford Road and 28 Leamington Road Villas

107 Hereford Road blossoms
blossoms in 28 Leamington Road Villas
28 Leamington Road Villas during spring
107 Hereford Road (left) and 28 Leamington Road Villas (middle and right)

I will include these two locations together as they were not as impressive as the other ones mentioned on this list and they are fairly close to one another. If you got extra time and are passing by, then why not admiring them too!

VII. The locations I missed

If you do further research online, you will end up finding loads of locations, and as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I did very likely missed some, since the city gets flooded with blossoms during this season, and there's so many to explore, it's almost impossible to do a list with all of them - although my mission is exactly that. So here I will leave some locations that I found online, that can be potentially beautiful, but since I wasn't there myself (not yet at least), I cannot share my opinion nor photos about these places:

Cherry blossoms or similar:

  • Jameson Street/Kensington Place (early blossom)
  • Addison Avenue (early blossom)
  • Lancaster Road (early blossom)
  • Wetherby Gardens (early blossom)
  • Herne Hill (Stradella Road and Winterbrook Road)
  • Mount Street Gardens
  • Courtfield Gardens
  • Vallance Road
  • Dovehouse Street
  • Scarsdale Villas
  • St Albans Groves
  • Hillgate Place
  • Bradmore Park Road
  • Paddenswick Road


  • Eldon Road
  • Victoria Road
  • Launceston Place
  • Landsdowne Road
  • Pembridge Square
  • Westbourne Grove
  • Hillgate Street
  • St. Leonard’s Terrace

If there are any other beautiful spots that you know about and that I didn't cover on this list, please let me know in the comments :D


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Phew, that was one of the longest posts I ever wrote. 

I honestly hope you enjoyed this complete guide to London tree blossoms, and that it was helpful for this beautiful season. Feel free to tag me on your photos or stories on Instagram if you want, I would love to check them out! ❤️️

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