Level8 Luggage Review

Before 2018, I used to pack everything into a carry-on luggage and a backpack, no matter the duration of the trip. I remember thinking ...

Before 2018, I used to pack everything into a carry-on luggage and a backpack, no matter the duration of the trip. I remember thinking to myself, "how did I do that?". Fast forward to 2018, many of the European low-budget airlines decided to change their baggage policy, only allowing a small backpack, and no carry-on luggage (unless, of course, you pay extra for it).

I then started packing everything into a backpack, and all of my jacket and trousers' pockets. Somehow, I have survived to this day - yes, I am that stingy.

That being said, since I started traveling outside of Europe and going on longer trips, I certainly needed a carry-on luggage, and that's when Level8 came to help. Their premium carry-on and checked luggage are simple and stylish, but offer something I absolutely love: plenty of space and thoughtful compartments. There are many models with different designs and features, so I will do my best to describe the ones I got, explaining what I personally like and dislike about them.

Level8 Carry-on Luggage Review

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, but I only provide my honest opinion about the products after trying them myself. I will say what I do and don't like about them as transparency is of high importance to me and my audience. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I will get a commission if you make a purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Carry-On 20'' 

Level8 Road Runner Pro Carry-On in Grey
Level8 Luggage USB Charging-Port

Level8 has many different carry-on models with a standard 20" size, designed to fit most airlines. Some of their models include the Voyageur with a wide handle design, the Aluminum versions (Gibraltar Aluminum and Captain Aluminum) with sleek aluminum covers, Road Runner with a water-resistance shell and Road Runner Pro, which I got in Grey. Some of my favourite features about my model include the front compartment that opens out to store a laptop and other important documents, the external built-in USB port, a locking system to keep my belongings safe and the quiet 360° spinner wheels, which makes moving my luggage very easy. 

After using basic carry-on luggage and backpacks for many years, it felt great to be able to smoothly move my luggage next to me without feeling the weight on my back, as well as safely store it away while in transit. The different compartments also help me stay organised for each trip - and as someone with ADHD, that's a massive bonus to avoid misplacing things!

  • Different models to choose from
  • Modern, sleek and simple designs
  • Great 360° spinner wheels
  • Great safety with locks
  • Plenty of different compartments
  • Highly-priced 
  • Front compartment doesn't lock properly when luggage is too full

Check-In 26'' / 28'' / 30''

Carry-on Lugge 20inches Level8

Just like carry-on luggage, Level8 offers check-in luggage in different models, including the Voyageur with dry-wet separation pockets and Luminous with a simple, sleek design. I unfortunately haven't tried their check-in luggage, but based on their carry-on, I would say my opinion would be the same.

Laptop Backpack

Level 8 Atlas Laptop Backpack
Level 8 Atlas Laptop Backpack Padded Compartment

As someone who is constantly travelling with backpacks, I certainly needed one. Level8 offers a great option with Atlas Laptop Backpack, designed with a heavily padded compartment for your laptop, and 26 various pockets! Some of my favourite features are the side pockets, which can hold a 500ml bottle or a folded umbrella, as well as the amount of space and pockets you can find in the backpack, perfect for storing all of the cables and camera equipment I often carry around. The padded compartment not only keeps the laptop safe, but it also helps with providing a comfortable padded surface for your back, which is a plus!

  • Very comfortable
  • Great storage with multiple pockets and compartments
  • Heavily padded laptop compartment
  • Highly-priced 
  • Only one model and one colour available

Tech Organizer

Level8 Tech Organizer

Since most of my luggage is often cables and camera equipment, I have come to love using tech organisers for tech storage. The Level8 Tech Organizer has two separate compartments, each with different pockets, some of them strategically designed to store cables, memory cards, power bank, mobile phone and more. 

  • Water repellant material
  • Plenty of pockets for storage
  • Highly-priced

And that's it - my honest opinion on Level8 Luggage Products. I hope this review can help you in case you're thinking of purchasing their products and as always, appreciate you taking the time to read. Happy travels!

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